If you're a charity or run events that allow people registering to donate, then Mitingu has the solution for you.

It allows you to create a registration type based on a donation where you can set the suggested amount and the person registering can do one of three things:

1. Register to attend based on the suggested donation amount.

2. Edit the donation amount so they choose to donate more than the suggested figure.

3. Edit the donation amount so they choose to donate less than the suggested figure.

Option 2 is always favourite!

Here's how it's done...

Step 1. You create your new event in the normal way (click here to see how)

Step 2. Go into Details and then choose to edit your existing registration type or click on Add Registration Type

Step 3. Enter your registration type details, click on the " This registration type is a donation" check box, enter your suggested donation amount and save.

Step 4. View the public event page and see how you edit the donation amount and register to attend.