If you want to add sections such as speakers and agenda and then organise your event page sections so they run in a certain order, it's easy to do in Mitingu.

1. Go to your Event Menu and select Details. The Arrange Sections editor is the top box. It allows you to drag and drop the sections to reorganise the order they appear on the event page and to add new sections. The four sections in the image below are there by default for every event.

2. Add a section e.g. speakers, agenda or custom section by clicking on the Add section button.

3. Select which section you'd like to add from the drop down and click Save. Repeat this process to add more sections.

4. Your added sections will appear.

5. Rearrange the order your sections appear on the event page simply by dragging and dropping them. You can also remove your added sections so they don't appear on the event page. Click on Preview to view how your event page will look.

6. Preview your event page and check it's the required look.

Watch the video