If you want to invite colleagues or clients to your account to help set up and manage events, please follow these quick steps.

1. Main menu, go to Settings.

2. Choose Account Users option.

3. Send an invitation to access your account. Select which level of access they will have, choose from:

  • Viewer
  • Viewer with data management
  • Editor
  • Admin

The users list to the right shows they have been invited.

4. If the invitee accepts the invitation they will be taken to a login page where they will fill out their name and create a password.

5. Once they have accepted, you will see them showing on the right hand side as a user with info on the last time they accessed the account.

That's it, you're done!

If you ever need to remove them, just click on the remove option (to the right of their details) and they will no longer have access to the account.