To make your life easier we automatically add tags to certain actions by your invitees and delegates.

These tags will appear in the tag filter list on the Contacts page, but we also thought we'd list them here for you.

The tag always starts with the event name as it is displayed in the URL. For example an event called Enterprise Conference would be displayed as enterprise-conference. We'll use this example in the list below.

Registration - event name = "enterprise-conference"

Decline - @event name + declined = "enterprise-conference-declined"

Invited - @event name + invited = "enterprise-conference-invited"

Incomplete Registration - @event name + incomplete = "enterprise-conference-incomplete"

Pre-registration - pre-reg + @event name = "pre-reg-enterprise-conference"

Pre-registration declined - pre-reg decline + @event name = "pre-reg-decline-enterprise-conference"