With auto tagging, an an event attendee can be tagged according to what type of registration they have (e.g. earlybird, standard, VIP) and how they answer certain questions on the registration form (e.g. dietary preference = vegetarian).

First we'll take a look at setting auto tags on registration...

1. Go to your event menu and choose Details

You can either edit your existing registration option by clicking on the Edit Icon or choose Add Registration Option. We'll go through both.

Edit Registration option - enter the tag(s) associated with this registration

Once it's saved a small tag icon appears by the registration option. If you hover your cursor over it, the tags associated will be displayed.

If you want to Add a Registration Option and include a tag(s), then here's how that's done.

So, apart from clicking on Add Registration Option it's exactly the same as the first option!

See your new registration and tags below.

Add as many tags or registrations as needed. Just repeat the above steps.