If you'd like to collect details of people interested in registering even if the registration type is full, here's how it's done.

In the main event admin screen, go to the Registration type bar and click to expand.

Select your registration type and click on the Edit icon (the pencil). Scroll down the window that opens to the Waitlist area.

Click on the checkbox to enable the waitlist function. Then enter the information you'd like the person joining the waitlist to see such as "Enter your email address to join the waitlist" and then select the time limit. The time limit comes into play when a place becomes available and a person on the waitlist is invited to register. This is the number of hours you are giving them to register before the place becomes available to another person on the waitlist.

Once you've entered the information, select Save.

The next step is to create your waitlist communications which we will cover in a separate article.