You can set up methods of payment that you accept and your tax settings (where applicable) here.

Step 1. Click on Settings

Step 2. Choose Checkout and then choose your preferred option and activate along with the tax value, if applicable.

It's really quick and easy to set up a Stripe account if you haven't already got one and it's a great, secure way of taking credit and debit card payments online. Just click on Connect with Stripe and follow the instructions.

You can also take payments using Paypal. Again click on the Login with Paypal button and follow the instructions.

If you would prefer to invoice your clients, then enter the details in the Manual Payments section and this will bypass taking payment online.

If you are registered for your local sales tax then all you have to do is choose whether to include the tax in the price or add it to the price, enter the tax details and percentage and the tax amount will automatically be calculated in the checkout.