There are a number of features that are automatically enabled on set up of a new event. These can be switched off if not required.

1. Enable attendee edit registration form

This function allows the attendee to edit their registration details. A link from the Order Confirmation email lets them get back into their completed registration form.

2. Attendee History

Attendee History is enabled by default. It can be found on the Attendee screen and shows the history of an attendee that has made changes to their status e.g. from declined to registered.

3. Attendee title field in mandatory

This means that the Title field (Mr, Mrs, Dr etc) is mandatory on the registration form. Deselecting this makes it optional. If you'd like to hide the Title field from the registration form this is also possible. See a separate article on how to do that here.

4. Edit details/checkout page - show all basic details

The standard registration process is - event page - registration form - summary/checkout page - thank you page (Quick Registration skips the summary/checkout page). By default the summary/checkout page is enabled to just show the basic details. This is widely used for free to attend events. If your event is charging the attendee to attend then you would deselect this function which would then show the pricing information on this page.

5. Trip Enabled

This feature shows the trip planning widget on the event page. This lets event attendees book accommodation and flights. If it's not required, delete from the page organiser and switch off the Trip Enabled option in Edit Details as below.