A good example of this is if you have a question such as "Will you require overnight accommodation?" and the next question is only displayed if the answer was Yes (in this case it could be accommodation options). Here's an example below:

Notice the Question - Will you be staying overnight?

The answer No is selected from the dropdown and nothing else appears.

The answer Yes is selected and another question appears asking about airline preferences.

We'll explain how that was built now.

1. Create a question type Drop Down Selector, Check Box or Radio Button (Drop Down Selector used in this example)


2. Once you save this question you'll be taken to a page where you create your answers. In this instance, we'll create a Yes answer and a No answer

3. Then we'll create our next question. In this case it's a Radio button with Accommodation options.

Note that the Show on Question is marked with the question that this one relates to and Show on Answer is marked Yes. This means that this current question will only show if the question "Will you be staying overnight" is answered "Yes".