This is a great function to use if you'd like to allow your attendees to register for more than one event at the same time.

It's useful if you a number of events that all fall into the same category. e.g. Annual Sales Conference, Monthly Sales Seminars, Weekly Sales Updates.

Here is how to set it up...

1. You've already set your event up (see Creating a new event). In your event details screen, go to Edit Details

2. Scroll down to the Linked Events section and select your event(s) that you'd like to link to this event

3. Now you have two options:

i. If you'd like the linked events to be bookable via the current event's registration form, make sure the checkbox (Allow the attendee to register for linked events via this event's registration form) is ticked and then enter the title text you'd like registrants to see for the Additional Registration field

ii. If you'd like the linked events to be viewable via the Thank You for registering page on the current event, please untick the checkbox and the field below will change to "Linked event selector field description text: Thank You Page". Enter the text you'd like the registrant to see here.

4. Save your changes

Here is how it looks if you have chosen to display linked events in the current event's registration form

and here is how it will look if you display linked events on the Thank You for registering page