If you want to distribute your survey to attendees via email with a response button then that's all there for you. We have created a template which includes a button taking the attendee to the survey. You can edit this or create your own.

If you are creating your own, then there are two types of fields:

  • Personalised link so you know who the respondent is {{ survey_url }}
  • Anonymous survey link {{ anonymous_survey_url }}

To send the link out, follow these easy steps.

1. Go to your event menu and select Emails and Invitations

2. Select Add Scheduled Email

3. Enter the subject line, schedule the send date and time, scroll down and choose which template type

Add any information to it and click Preview

Then choose who you're sending it to. If it's a post event or during event survey it might be that you want to filter so it is only sent to Checked-in Attendees. You can further filter by the attendee's tags.

Once you're done click Schedule Email