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If you are using Excel on a PC

The Mitingu contacts import requires the data file to be tab-delimited and encoded in UTF-8. It is often easy to edit the data file in Excel, but you must save it as tab-delimited, encoded as UTF-8 - otherwise Mitingu may not be able to import it, or you may see strange characters (e.g. question marks) in the place of non-ASCI characters.

To save a text file as tab-delimited, UTF-8 encoded in Excel:

  • Choose File->Save as from the menu.
  • In the 'Save as type' dropdown > select 'Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)'
  • Select 'Web Options' in the 'Tools...' dropdown at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • Select the 'Encoding' tab.
  • In the 'Save this document as:' dropdown, select 'Unicode (UTF-8)'

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If you are using Excel on a Mac

The above isn't an option on Excel for Mac, but there are a number of free web based spreadsheet software that will do the job. These include Google Sheets, Libre Office and Open Office. See the above surveygizmo help article for more information.