Logging into your account to get updates on registrations an declines for your event can be time consuming. We've removed the need for that! Receive notifications in:

  • Real time (as recipients register or decline)
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly

1. Go to your event admin menu and select Communications

2. Scroll down to the Notifications section

3. Add the email address or addresses (separate with comma if more than one email address) and then select the frequency that you would like to receive notifications

The options are:

In real time - you'll receive notifications everytime someone registers or declines

Hourly - you'll receive notifications on the hour

Daily - you'll receive notifications once a day at 3pm GMT (4pm BST)

Weekly - you'll receive notifications once a week on a Monday at 3pm GMT (4pm BST)

Once you're done click Save Settings.