With Mitingu you can schedule targeted emails before, during and after the event.

Here's how it's done...

Go into your chosen event and choose Communications and then click Add Scheduled Email

This will open up the email editor and scheduler options. 

Include a campaign name (optional), a tag you'd like all recipients of the send to be tagged with (optional), send from name and email address (optional), subject line and the date and time of the scheduled send.

Choose which template you are using and preview to make sure it's the correct one and everything is in order. If the selected template allows you to add content via the editor, then that can be done here.

Choose who to send it to:

First decide which contacts

  • All Event Contacts (Registered & Declined) - anyone that has registered or declined to attend to the event
  • Non-Responders - anyone that hasn't responded to the invitation (sent via the platform), excluding incomplete registrations
  • Declined Contacts - anyone that has declined (via the system) an invitation to attend
  • Registered Contacts - anyone that has registered
  • Checked In Contacts - all attendees that have checked in via Mitingu or Greetdesk (our integrated check-in app)
  • All Contacts - all contacts in the contact database

Then segment the send even further by sending to those contacts based on their tags. For example - you may have chosen to send to All contacts and then with the tag "mitingu". That means only contacts tagged with "mitingu" will receive the email.

Once you're done, click Schedule Email

Your scheduled send will appear in your list. You can edit or delete this anytime before the scheduled send time and date and delete after it is send if it's a test. You can also copy it any time before or after the send date.