If you have a late addition to an invitation, or miss out an attendee from a scheduled email send, then this function saves you from setting up a scheduled email send for just one contact.

1. In your event menu, select Communications and then choose Individual Email

2. You then have two choices:

i. Send to an existing contact. If you already have the contact you'd like to send to on the system, then select from the dropdown, enter the from name and email (if different from default account send from), subject line and content and click Send and Save

ii. or if the contact doesn't already existing, enter firstname, lastname, email address, then select the from name and address (if different from the default account send from address) subject line and your content. Once you are done click Send and Save. This will send the email and save the new contact to the Contact database on Mitingu.


Click on the Individual Emails Analytics button to view the status of your send.

View the status of the email and download the individual send report.