Mitingu gives you the ability to create forms that are tailored for the individual attendee completing them. That means no unnecessary questions and hopefully removes a potential barrier to register.

The example we'll give below shows how two different types of registrants (Member and V.I.P.) get an experience based on their registration type and 

First we'll show you how it looks to the different registrants.

1. The Member Registration

Step 1. Registers as Member

Step 2. Views registration questions. We're focusing on the accommodation one here.

2. The V.I.P. Registration

Step 1. Registers as a V.I.P.

Step 2. Views registration questions. Note that the accommodation question is slightly different from that seen by the Member Registrant.

This is just a simple illustration and the entire form can change based on registration type or any other tag such as interestslocation etc. Here's how the above example was built in Mitingu.....

Step 1. In the Event left hand menu, choose Questions. Then click on Add Question. The screenshot below shows the accommodation question set up that either a Guest or Member will see. We've tagged Guests as "Guest Registration" and Members as "Standard Registration".

Step 2. Then we can add another question, but this time for the V.I.P. registrations. This is only visible to those who are tagged as "VIP Registrations".

You can create as many different questions per form which are visible or hidden based on how an individual is tagged.