Putting an email together on Mitingu doesn't require you to know HTML. The WYSIWYG editor will let you customise your email to make it your own.

We'll quickly run through what each icon means.

HTML - Click this to change the view to HTML and add any code required.

Format - Format text option lets you choose the type of text all or specific parts of your emails are. e.g. Headings and normal text.

Bold - makes your selected area of text bold.

Italic - makes your selected area of text italic.

Text strikethrough - "delete" text using strikethrough which will still show the text, but with a line through it.

Unordered list - otherwise known as bullet points.

Ordered list - a numbered list.

Outdent - This will outdent your selected area of text.

Indent - This will indent your selected area of text.

Image upload - Adds an image to your email body content. Choose to add an "alt" or a link to a web page.

File upload - Add a file, give it a name as this will appear as a link in your email body content.

URL link - Allows you to add a link to a webpage from selected text.

Alignment - Align text and images.

Horizontal rule - Adds a horizontal rule to the selected line of your email. Great for breaking up large areas of text into different sections.

Shortcuts - Allows you to add personalised fields and links to your email without knowing all the field tags.