Getting contacts onto Mitingu is done by following these quick steps. Before you begin, make sure you have saved your data as a .csv file. It's easy to do this out of Excel, Google Spreadsheets and any other spreadsheet software.

If you are working with foreign or special characters then it may be necessary to save your file in UTF-8 format.

1. Select Contacts

2. Click on the Upload button

3. Drag and drop your list into the browser or search and upload

4. Map the fields and include any custom fields you'd like to import. Some fields will auto map. Once you're done, click Submit and the upload will begin.

5. Once the upload is complete, you'll see how many records have uploaded, been updated (if they were already in Mitingu) and how many have been skipped.

You're done! If there are any records that haven't imported, it will display them and allow you to download a spreadsheet of their details to make the amends and re-upload.